I have writing ability of kid

Wow.. I have writing ability of kid. I know, I should be embarrassed… but then again so should your mom. But just like your mom, I will fight the good fight. She is awesome, she knows about the obvious short comings of you, her creation, but is still proud of it and wants to nurture it so that it might one day be something better. I, just like your mom, will keep at it hoping that my creation will improve.

Wow!! Sorry… I didn’t mean that… that was uncalled for. It’s just that more and more people on the internet are becoming grammer sluts – which is good, it raises the standard. However English and creative writing was never my strong point in school. I never really read many books or any of that fancy stuff. I played videogames and even in the games, I skim read as quickly possible and skim read the least amount possible needed to advance.

My drink tastes like pepper.

So yeah, I feel I should apologise. The thing is, I was feeling a bit self conscious as I put this up and I knew my skills were lacking. So before you could attack me for my spelling and grammer, I attacked you. I attacked your most obvious flaw, your face!!