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Internet Segregation

Since when has it been ok to Segregate the internet?

What you say? You’ve no idea what I am talking about? If you’re’nt* from the states, you may not know that internet segregation exists. It does though. If you don’t live in the states, try watching a Hulu clip or try watching something on Comedy Central. Under normal circumstances, you can’t! That’s called internet segregation. You may think, “Gerard, Lord of darkness, why does this matter, it’s one site.” True, but if you understand the true nature of the web, it’s all interlinked. This detracts from the whole web experience not only on hulu but digg and all sites that reference locked content. There are ways around this though. By using a proxy it can appear as though you are browsing from inside the United States, thus allowing you to watch the content. Hulu however have begun to shut down content for people using proxies even if they are for a valid reason. All this leads to is people finding other methods to watch the content, namely torrents. Pointless.

Hulu, its pretty gay.
Hulu, it's pointless.

Another example of internet segregation is this talk of Microsoft trying to buy the news from News Corp. My current belief is that Google currently hold an information monopoly on the world. Don’t believe me, check out Google Dashboard and just see how much they know about you. If you are anything like me, it’s a lot. So if you could ignore my paranoia about Google until the day I get to say, “I told you so”, you would see that I am all for removing the Google information monopoly. (Losing it to Microsoft, is another issue all together, but still). Assuming it’s the actual news and not the news brand that is more important. And assuming it’s possible to get the same news on the internet from more than a single source. With all this in mind is it a good idea to prevent content being viewed from a specific network. Even if somehow it did make sense, ultimately it would be pointless. All this will do is broaden the the market for something I thought previously useless, search engine aggregators.

These are just more examples of big business messing up the internet.

*you’re’nt: contraction for “you are not”… I totally just invented that

David Versus Google

I want to write a post, but I am horribly rushed. I feel I have something really important to say but not enough time to say it in. Instead, I will link to the articles I read which have angered me.

This one: This is rubbish. If it happens I will leave the UK. I promise you this. I don’t like petitions because I don’t believe they work but  go here to “help prevent” this:

The other post is this: This is bullshit… because I say so. The internet is currently a level playing field for everyone, big and small business alike. Are you going to skew it towards those with most cash? Are you Google? Recently I’ve become A LOT more untrusting of Google.

Ok, it’s true that one swallow does not make a summer, but these things seem to point to the trend that the internet is now going to become more of a corporately controlled entity? I hope I am wrong.

Edit: Also?! Why is my text justified? Justified text?! WTF? This also angers me.

Update: Ok. I removed the justified text. At least I feel like I have the power to change something.

Sending A PUT request to the Server using Ruby on Rails

I have been trying for ages to find out how to send a PUT request to the server using ruby on rails. This page makes no fucking mention of a put() function. I cursed on many occasion.  Here it is. Hope this helps someone.

require ‘net/http’
url  = ‘/api/user.xml?id=6’
post_data = “<user><firstname>Freeman</firstname></user>”
http =‘’)
http.read_timeout = 300 # seconds
http.open_timeout = 180 # seconds
resp, data = http.put(url, post_data)

Boycott all you want, I’m gonna have fun.

These posts: Boycott left for dead 2, Talk of boycotting Modern Warfare 2. I am pretty sure there are more of the same on the internet, but they all talk of boycotting some of the biggest games to come out. And the people behind them are serious. I understand what they are trying to do, trying to make a statement using the language large companies understand, the consumer’s spend. But come on, Modern Warfare 2? Left for Dead 2? Are you kidding me. I promise you, as soon as those games come out, half of those considering the boycott will be buying it. If you are passionate enough to want to boycott it, the moment the games comes out, I assure you, you will fucking frenzy. Yes motherfucker, I used frenzy as a verb. Because that’s what you’ll do, fucking frenzy. And if you do happen to hold out, myself and the rest of the world will buy it and tell you exactly how awesome it is. In which case if you continue to hold out, and you really are that passionate about the game, your emotions will drive you into insanity.

Boycott all you want, I am gonna have fun. : )

Update: Now that the game has come out. I just wanted to say: “This game is fucking awesome”… but I suppose you already knew that.

Math Captcha?

I am not sure what’s going on. My confusion comes from two things that as far as I know are correct. The 1st one captchas exist so we can tell if the user is human or machine. The second is that computers are good at doing calculations. I am right? Right?

So, if I am right… why is this a good idea?


I am right? Right? What am I missing here… I could eval that with js easily to get an answer… and I’ve seen this captcha in more than one place.

I don’t know maybe there is some hidden technique I am missing. I would like to hear from you if you can explain.

Edit: The other version of this is asking in words something like “What is five plus two?”… have you ever typed that into google…? Google is a machine and it knows. Seriously, what’s going on here?