The dreams

I had the smoking dream again. I was smoking like a chimney. I usually only have the smoking dreams if I have been drinking. I think this time it’s stress related. The new job is … it’s not kicking my ass… but nobody is listening to me. Or it feels that way… but yeah… I am not here to complain about the job… I am gonna do the best damn job I can do with what I am given. So yeah… I think I am having smoking dreams because I am stressed.

Another dream that happened right after the smoking dream was a continuation of another dream. This was the 3rd instalment of that dream. In the first part, I was synthesising something amazing. A formula that, when ingested, would provide the user with increased strength, increased agility and invulnerability. The penultimate step in the creating the formula is to actually drink the solution and use the body’s natural chemical processes to actually produce the compound. The final step is the filtration and distillation of the urine you get from the ingestion. I know the formula works because you can feel the effects on the first ingestion but they are very short. Ingesting it the second time, increases the effects with respect to how long it lasts and intensity.  Unfortunately it’s still temporary. However if you ingest very large quantities, the effects can be permanent.

In the 2nd instalment of the dream. I went back to the clothes cupboard that I was keeping the formula in… because that is where you keep it… obviously. I took a half-swig of the luminous yellow liquid in the test tube only to find it was mostly urine with little to none of the active ingredient in. What’s worse is that, something you’d expect to be able to tell from just looking at it is, it had shit loads of broken glass in it. I’d say a seemingly endless amount of broken glass, because I spent most of the rest of the dream pulling medium sized shards of glass out my mouth trying not to swallow. It seemed as though as soon as I got to half way empty, my mouth would somehow actually still be full with glass. When I finally did get 97% of it out… the dream faded out…or faded in…I am not sure… what ever happened, it faded.

Urine, don't drink! Also... broken fucking glass!

The 3rd instalment found me in front of the clothes cupboard with a test tube of yellow liquid. I realised this was a continuation of the Formula Dream, so I took a swig of the yellow liquid. It had no effect, and it tasted like it was all pretty much urine. And to my surprise because I couldn’t tell by just looking at it, there was fucking glass in it. This was the point where I realised, “That’s right…I have fucking done this before!”… I spent the next long unit of dream time trying to get the glass out my mouth. When I got enough of the glass out, my brother came up and asked me where the blood came from and why there is broken glass in my mouth. At which point I thought I’d tell him the truth. But, how do you tell someone, even your own brother, your mouth is bleeding because you have been drinking your own urine with some broken glass mixed in? That is where the dream faded out with me not yet telling him, but making the decision to tell him about the formula. And at the same time realising “Where was the other test tube? The one with the actual concentrated formula in? Because I know I did some proper distilling in part 1… and this yellow stuff was just being kept to run the filtration again to ensure I have extracted all the active ingredient out”.

Where did it go? Did someone take it? Who could have known about my experiments? Are my dreams being watched? There wasn’t enough to make it permanent why steal it? Who could have taken it?