Monthly Archives: April 2019


Twitter is a weird place. I see so many people sharing things and appearing to be amazing. By the way, I choose the word “appearing” not to detract from their achievements but because appearances are not always what they seem. I have dealt with that topic and my feelings around them before.

My feelings now, are around wanting to share and wanting to help but of not being sure if what I have is share worthy. I’m probably selling myself short but I feel like I don’t have much specialised knowledge to share. After 13 years in the industry doing everything I don’t see how this can be case but it feels like whatever I can say has been said before and probably much more succinctly.

Having said that, I believe you should focus on your strengths when trying to do the best you can. The one thing I have been told and has been implied at me on many occasion, is that I excel at is picking things up quickly.

This is, I think, is what I can share. I can share with you the journey of how I learn these things and the findings and conclusions I come to along the way. I can share with you my my process and my reasoning while trying to solve a problem. Apparently one learns better when one is trying to explain something to others, so this process will help me too. Over the next few years while I bring my project to life, I will be tackling many things I have no idea about and I will be writing about them here. We’ll be learning together. I invite you to come Learn With me.