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Comment Spam

I have been seeing an evolution of comment spam on here. It’s become really interesting watching it. At first it started off as gibberish: “Buy neat watches” with a URL included. Then over the years the content has been increasing in sophistication.

Hmmm… I forgot what I was saying… anyways… so yeah… some of it’s been getting really sophfisty. It’s been really well written with next to no spelling errors and almost even coherent. Something like this: “As a internet resource for organizations and technology enthusiasts to stick to the newest and greatest developments in Unified Communications, IP Telephony, Hosted Communications and VoIP” and of course a URL is included. So stuff like this, if it’s not caught by the spam filter I would spam anyway. I might let it pass if the comment was on topic which in most cases would mean the person was real.

The most recent type I have been getting is this: “It appears that you’ve put a lot of effort and hard work into your article and I require more of these using the net currently. I sincerely got a kick from your post. I don’t really have much to speak about in response, I only wished to comment to reply wonderful work.” A URL is also included. How am I supposed to Spam that? It’s validating my ideas, telling me I’m worth my salt, the spelling and grammar is impeccable (if it’s not, it’s much better than mine). The meaning is not fully there but I understand what they are trying to say. My ego wants me to approve it, it wants me to show you all: “Look, look! Someone thinks I am awesome. Look at my badge of awesomeness given to me by a unknown third party… which makes it more valid than when my mom tells me that I am cool… or when I look at myself in the mirror and say: ‘you are awesome’.”

I spammed it. The URL they included was to a halitosis clinic in Germany.

Crocodile Dreams

I had a dream about a restaurant that sold crocodile milkshakes made from fresh crocodiles. I remember asking myself why they needed a whole crocodile for such a small glass. It was either very wasteful or they somehow condensed the croc down into a single glass. I also wondered why the live crocs looked that way? Was THAT their skin? If it was skin, why is the skin that weird milky translucent glowing ruby colour? If it wasn’t skin, where were their skins? I also thought it was a bad idea that the guests and the crocs were in the in the same space. That was confirmed when a large male croc bit the head off one of the guests.