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Silicon Cape Launch (as seen from twitter)

It starts of with Vinny Lingham’s talk and everyone complaining about how we need money to do what we want. We need VC to this we need VC to do that blah blah…. You don’t just get VC. You will get your VC if you have a good product.

The other feeling I got was that there were too many higher ups just talking and not enough ground level. Get your head out of the clouds (no, not decentralised infrastructure). It’s not the big guys that are important it’s the little guys with the big ideas. It’s the small guys that are the ones who are able to adapt to quickly market fluctuations not the big guys.

Then some props were going to Helen Zille for saying some inspring stuff and a little bit of circle jerking… not much though.. which is good.

Then ending off with people saying it’s an awesome conference and one or two tweets saying government needs to do something…. Are you serious? After all that you are still expecting hand outs from Government? Fuck government, don’t expect them or anyone to do anything for you. You need to be prepared to go it alone if you need to. If something happens, great! Otherwise, you need to make it happen yourself.

I really do hope the enthusiasm continues… Change the world. It’s up to you.