Fuck take2.co.za

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Back in 2007 I was really angry with Take2.co.za. The reason being that they advertised a product would be sold on their site for a certain price. I pre-ordered the product. I am 100% sure I was one of the first to order it, as I’d been watching the site pre-empting it’s release. The product was quite cheap so they probably made a mistake with their pricing.

Over a month after the order had been placed, Take2 got hold of me. (As an aside I did not think anything wrong because month long waits were not uncommon for getting video games in South Africa at the time). What I received that day was a not a videogame. What I had received that day, was bullshit.  Without any warning or providing any alternative solutions, they cancelled my order. They told me the videogame was not available.  By that time it had been in shops for about a week already. But for a more expensive price. Instead of admitting their mistake, they lied to me. Then to add insult to injury they forced me to take store credit. I was not allowed to spend MY money elsewhere.  I wanted the fucking game, not your bullshit.

So, I vowed NEVER to use their site again. It took a few weeks for the anger to pass. Eventually I settled down and went on with my life.

The next month and the month after that, and after that, and after that, they kept reminding me that I had store credit and that I should use it. Them reminding of me of why I would never use their site. This continued for at least a year, reminding me of my anger. In the midst of my rage I realised that the taunts would never stop and something would need to be done.

At least a year or so after the original order was placed, I got black out angry and ordered the CEO some items from his own store.

Below is a copy of the invoice. (Notice the titles on the products.) Click the image to view a larger version

Take2? More Like TakeCustomersAndFuckThemInTheAss.

In case you were wondering, I did know I had to spend more of my own money to do this. Fuck Take.co.za… fuck ’em hard.

17 thoughts on “Fuck take2.co.za

    1. Heheh. :) To put it into perspective I had been “taunted” for over a year before I did this.

  1. Yep, they did exactly the same with my sister’s order which totalled R38,000. They delivered R10,000 of the order and 6 months later told her there is “no stock” and offered a “store credit” whereby she told them she is not someone they can play with and demanded her money back.

    The owner, very rude, eventually decided to give her money back R28,000 4 weeks later of which as spitefull as he is cancelled her new order immediately by BLANKING OUT all the totals including the buy buttons.

    She requested he account to be closed after buying almost R100,000 of goods from them in a single year they DENIED to do this even leaving her credit card details available to them. We decided to change all the details of her account to: fuck you, fuckyou@fuckoff.com etc. and credit card details to 000000000.

    Lo and behold they kept sending promotional emails to my sister (this means they keep the client details elsewhere of course) of which then she decided enough is enough and had her lawyer contact them threatening court, never heard from them since….

  2. Are you banned from buying from us.. Cos you can’t hold a Grudge like that forever everyone makes mistakes including you we are all human..

    Just so you know Take2 has new owners so their is always time to start off on a clean slate.

  3. @Bianca

    Yes, this WAS over four years ago, different management, whatever. When the company was taken over, you took over the good AND the bad.

    It’s not a grudge, it’s my strategy for survival. I am a very fair person and it takes me a very long time to put people on my shit list but if they DO happen get on the list they never get off. I have that same philosophy with “friends”, acquaintances and business partners. It’s to make sure the influences around me are positive.

    Having said that, your refund policies may have changed but I am not willing to use your services again and find out. So to be fair, I will post an errata saying management HAS changed but I still won’t be using your services (provided you can prove you are from take 2).

  4. Hello all.. I have been buying from take2 for the last three years or so (perhaps R100 000+ in total orders) and I have to say in all fairness that I have only received top quality service with top quality communication.

  5. Daar is geen meer so n ding soos goeie diens in die fokin land. Hartseer maar waar. Die customer is nooit meer reg nie en die besighede voel n fok. Hulle is nice as mens order en koop maar as die kak die fan strike dan skiem hulle “fok daai customer, ons het genoeg ander”. Almal maak foute, maar dis hoe die een wat die fout gemaak het die ding hanteer wat bepaal of hulle goeie diens of slegte diens lewer. BV. Ek is meer as beruit om lanker te wag vir n order solank ek gekontak word en verskoning maak. Maar nee, eder fok hom, hy kan maar langer wag. En ek praat nie nou van take2 nie. Maar net besluit om die conversation te join.

  6. Gotta applaud you. As for Bianca, management may have changed, but it appears some things don’t. I recently ordered via the Take2 USA imports site, I ordered chapstick, advertised as 72 count. Six weeks later I received ONE chapstick. Take2 basically told me sorry, supplier says one count. My invoice said 72, a return visit to the site said 72, but no, the best they could offer was a refund, which was frustrating! I just want what I ordered!!!

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