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Boycott all you want, I’m gonna have fun.

These posts: Boycott left for dead 2, Talk of boycotting Modern Warfare 2. I am pretty sure there are more of the same on the internet, but they all talk of boycotting some of the biggest games to come out. And the people behind them are serious. I understand what they are trying to do, trying to make a statement using the language large companies understand, the consumer’s spend. But come on, Modern Warfare 2? Left for Dead 2? Are you kidding me. I promise you, as soon as those games come out, half of those considering the boycott will be buying it. If you are passionate enough to want to boycott it, the moment the games comes out, I assure you, you will fucking frenzy. Yes motherfucker, I used frenzy as a verb. Because that’s what you’ll do, fucking frenzy. And if you do happen to hold out, myself and the rest of the world will buy it and tell you exactly how awesome it is. In which case if you continue to hold out, and you really are that passionate about the game, your emotions will drive you into insanity.

Boycott all you want, I am gonna have fun. : )

Update: Now that the game has come out. I just wanted to say: “This game is fucking awesome”… but I suppose you already knew that.

This post is gay…

People always complain about stuff. They always find things to complain about, even when they don’t really have anything to complain about. I have nothing to complain about so I am going to complain about all the people complaining. Meta-Complaining is what I call it.

In this meta-complaint I am going to complain about the word ‘gay’.

I read somewhere about some gay people are being offended that people are now using the word gay as a synonym for the word lame. I repeat: Gay people are being offended that people are using the word gay as a synonym for lame. Tough luck, language evolves. Do you know what gay meant originally? It meant ‘happy’. Then the term evolved to become a synonym for homosexual. And now the word is evolving again. Well not now, it’s actually been changing since 1996 at least.

The truth is that words are evolving all the time. The meaning of the word lame has evolved too. Take a look at wikipedia’s euphemism article.

Trying to stop it is futile and political correctness is not a solution. Just deal with it!

Obviously though, what words evolve and what they evolve into (depending on the word) may be a possible reflection of that society’s prejudices. But that theory needs more than just two case studies.

But that is a different issue all together…