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back to basics

This is the flagship track “back to basics” that I created for my 1st album with the same name. It’s pretty good if I do say so myself.

back to basics – guided1

I might put up some of my pre-“back to basics” tracks if I can find them. To be honest I don’t even have my own full album any more. A lot was lost in the crash of 2001. We will see what we can do though.


It’s not anything new. It’s the music that is capturing my heart and soul at the moment. Jazz used to do it, give me that warm fuzzy feeling. Jazz still does it as do many other genres but this…. THIS! This is what moves me right now. I just wanted to throw my weight in and say how awesome these guys are. I am listening to these guys and I really … I don’t know how to explain it, I am really feeling the groove. I don’t groove often so I feel something must be said. Something about loopboxing (if it’s called that) just sounds so grounded.

First we have Beardyman. He’s quite well known:

I am trying to save the best for last here. It’s really hard to chose between these two songs. Next up we have Reggie Watts with his calm groove and soulful voice.

Lastly up we have Dub FX featuring Mr Woodnote. His passion in his voice and the sax really make it for me.

If this looks anything at all like the little lady’s post over at when smoke gets in your eyes it’s because she told me she was going to post it, which then gave me the urge to comment on this amazing sound.